When I lost my cat, White Shoes, a few months ago, I decided to wait a bit before adopting another kitty. In my previous family of cats, I’ve always had one high-maintenance cat/kitten because the likelihood of them being adopted from SNAP Cats is slim. Six years ago I adopted Squeek, our first paralyzed, incontinent kitten. Squeek became the face of SNAP Cats, and inspired me to do what I do. She also inspired our line of SNAP Wraps diapers. (You can read her story at https://www.snapcats.org/2020/09/13/remembering-squeek/.) Squeek passed away in early 2016 due to complications from being incontinent and paralyzed.

Since Squeek’s passing, we’ve lost four paralyzed/mobility challenged and incontinent cats. Adie reminds me of all of them. She has the spunk of Squeek, the determination of Mia and Raven, the need for cuddling like Conner, and the big, round, beautiful eyes (soul) of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. With each of these kitties we learned a little more about how to keep them healthy: medical care, proactive treatments and therapies, and the proper environment to (hopefully) give them the chance of a wonderful, long, healthy life.

I’m hoping Adie is the one who proves that we can successfully manage kitties like her. But she has a tough hill to climb. I would be lying if I said the odds are in Adie’s favor. They’re not. Adie has a long, difficult journey ahead of her. But I’d also be lying if I said that I didn’t want to take that journey with her. I do. Every step. Every day.

Merry Christmas, Adie! Welcome to our family. – Darryl, Simon, Marvelina and Pompom

Adie passed away this morning, February 3, 2021. We tried so hard to get her healthy, but no matter what we did, she just couldn’t shake her infection. I will miss Adie SO much.

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