Neutered Male
2 Years

Ranch is sponsored by: Claire LoCicero Gayaldo

SNAP Cats rescued Ranch from Modesto, CA. Ranch is a sweet kitty who was rescued from a feral colony. The feral colony caretaker noticed that Ranch was missing for a few days, and when he returned his front left leg was mangled, and he had bite wounds on his rear and tall. Ranch was taken to the local shelter who amputated had his leg and dressed his other wounds. His amputation site did not heal well so the shelter wanted to euthanize him and not move forward with the second surgery to close the site without a rescue. Enter SNAP Cats. Since Ranch now had a home to go to, the shelter went ahead with the surgery and re-closed the amputation site.

Since being here at SNAP Cats, Ranch has really opened up and become a very sweet and active kitty. He has mastered being a tripod, and can’t get enough attention either from humans or cats willing to chase and play with him. It’ll take some time for Ranch’s beautiful, long, white fur to grow back, but he’s ready to go to his new, forever home until then. If you’re interested in Ranch please fill out an adoption application at the top of our “Cats for Adoption” page. Thanks.

BTW – Ranch was named by his foster’s 3 year-old daughter who names all of their foster cats after her favorite foods. Yes, Ranch dressing.

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