Neutered Male
6 Years 1 Month
Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)

Topper is sponsored by: Mary DeVincenzi

SNAP Cats rescued Topper from Sacramento, CA. Topper, and his two siblings, Bear and Teddy III, are here because their dad passed away and they needed a CH-friendly rescue to take them. Topper is very friendly and vocal. He let’s you know when he wants attention. Topper’s CH is moderate-to-severe, but he gets around just fine. However, he's currently not using the litter box 100% of the time. Don't know why. Topper’s not terribly bonded with his brothers (who have the same degree of CH), so Topper could be adopted by himself. (We’d like to see all three go together, but we know that’s a longshot.) Topper gets along great with the other kitties here, so he could be an only cat or mix in nicely with your current kitties. If you’re interested in Topper (and his brothers?) please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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