Neutered Male
1 Year 10 Months

Mason is sponsored by: Stephanie Upton

SNAP Cats rescued Mason from Madera, CA: Mason is a very smart cat. If he wants something he’ll figure out a way to get it. He’s also a very sweet cat. He loves pets and will follow you everywhere for your attention. Mason LOVES wet food. LOVES. IT! He’s extremely food motivated so anything open or unwrapped is fair game in his mind. Mason gets along fine with the others here, unless they taunt him and then run. Mason loves to chase! But it’s more “play” than aggression… most of the time. We think Mason will be fine with one other kitty in the house. But we can’t guarantee it. It’s just a bit overwhelming here for him with 22 others sharing his space. If you’re interested in Mason please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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