Spayed Female
3 Years 3 Months

Andie is sponsored by: Angela Fangonilo

SNAP Cats rescued Andie from San Mateo, CA. Andie is a lap cat! No doubt about it. She’ll sit at your feet and gently paw at your legs/pants until you pick her up. Sometimes Andie wants to lay on your shoulders across the back of your neck (makes a great neck pillow!). They said Andie was about 10 years-old when they brought her to us, but after examining her and spaying her we think she’s closer to 3 years-old. That explains her playful personality and outright feistiness when she wants her way. Because it’s Andie’s way or the highway, baby!

We don’t know if Andie is a purebred Persian, but she appears to be. So if you’re looking for a Persian to place on your lap look no further! Please fill out an adoption application at Thanks.

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