Spayed Female
1 Year 4 Months
No Special Needs

Bea is sponsored by: Leah Hennen

SNAP Cats rescued Bea from Oakland, CA. Bea is the typical, playful kitten who can’t seem to run out of energy. Her favorite playmate (currently) is Cricket. If you watch our live Kitten Room webcam you’ll see them relentlessly running and chasing each other throughout the day. Since Bea will need another kitten about her age to engage with, Cricket would be an ideal adoption choice as well.

Please Note: Bea just finished her GS-441524 treatment for FIP. Although we can’t guarantee she won’t develop FIP again, her response to the treatment was extremely positive. She’s back to playing and acting like a normal kitten full of energy and inspiration.

If you’re interested in Bea (and Cricket) please fill out an adoption application at Thanks.

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