Spayed Female
7 Months
Cleft Nose

Chloe is sponsored by: Kathleen Borie

SNAP Cats rescued Chloe from New Blaine, AR. Chloe is the typical playful kitten who entertains herself with whatever’s close – another kitten, toys, fingers and feet. She’s very gentle when playing with kittens and human anatomy, so no one ever gets hurt. Chloe’s also a lap kitten. She’ll sit in your lap all day if you let her. Chloe’s cleft nose doesn’t cause any problems, other than a few extra sneezes here and there.

Chloe has bonded with Meredith, a kitten about the same age. They love to run and wrestle with each other and will keep themselves busy for hours on end. So we’d like these two to be adopted together.

If you’re interested in Chloe and Meredith, please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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