Neutered Male
1 Year 2 Months

Bebe is sponsored by: Lisa Davis

SNAP Cats rescued Bebe from Modesto, CA. Bebe is the typical playful cat. Always looking for toys or another kitten to wrestle with. Bebe’s also become a lap kitty since adding a few months to his age. He LOVES human attention. Bebe’s slight ataxia is easy to miss as he gets around just fine, climbs, jumps and uses the litter box 100% of the time. And Bebe loves his wet food! Want him to follow you somewhere? Have a plate of wet food in your hands.

Bebe needs a home where he gets the majority of attention. He’s old enough to be an only kitty, or can fit into a house where there’s an older kitty who doesn’t demand much attention. If you think Bebe’s the one for you, please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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