Spayed Female
1 Year 1 Month

Trixie is sponsored by: Alice Weigel

SNAP Cats rescued Trixie from Fresno, CA. Trixie is a very playful kitten! Whether it’s by herself or with another cat/kitten, Trixie’s constantly running around looking for fun. Trixie’s ataxia is moderate-to-severe, so she does fall quite a bit, but it doesn’t stop her from getting to where she wants to go, whether it’s the litter box, a warm bed, or to get yummy wet food! Trixie gets along great with other cats, but can initially be shy with people. But once she gets to know you she’s all about attention. Until she’s not. Because Trixie is, of course, a tortie… with ‘tude!

If you’re interested in Trixie please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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