Spayed Female
1 Year 5 Months
Missing Right Rear Paw

Bonnie is sponsored by: Mary DeVincenzi

SNAP Cats rescued Bonnie from Kings County, CA.When Bonnie first arrived with her brother, Clyde, they were very bonded. Since then, the two have gradually de-bonded (there’s that word again!), so, although we’d like to see the two adopted together, Bonnie and Clyde can go separately if needed. Bonnie can be a bit skittish to begin with, but once she gets to know you she’ll warm up quickly, especially if there’s wet food involved! Despite missing a back paw, Bonnie gets around great. Her leg stays sore-free, so it shouldn’t be an issue in the future. She did have a hematoma on her ear, thus the crinkling, but it’s healed, and we think adds a bit of character.

If you’re interested in Bonnie please fill out an adoption application at
. Thanks.

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