Neutered Male
5 Years 6 Months

Ross is sponsored by: Amber Wells

SNAP Cats rescued Ross from Fresno, CA. Ross is a very mellow man. It’s as if he’s practicing for his senior years. Ross is very friendly with people, and most other cats. Only exception are cats who get in his face. Then he’s not so nice. Just defending himself. No stalking or aggressive behavior. Ross will fit in nicely with a family who either has other cats or not.

Please don't be afraid of FIV. It's nothing. Really. Slightly compromised immune system. That's it. Just like a FIV- cat, Ross will live a long, healthy life if you take good care of him.

BTW: Ross is a Cherubim. It’s a breed of Ragamuffin. Look it up.

If you’re interested in Ross please fill out an adoption application at
. Thanks.

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