Neutered Male
3 Years 11 Months
Paralyzed Rear Legs & Incontinent

Copper is sponsored by: Chelsea Warren

SNAP Cats rescued Copper from Oakland, CA. Despite his age, Copper still plays like a 3 month-old kitten. He loves to chase things, especially spring toys. He LOVES spring toys. They’ll keep him occupied for hours. Copper gets along well with other kitties, and loves human attention. He can get overstimulated when being pet, but Copper’s much better now than he was when he first arrived.

Copper tries to

use the litter box some of the time. However, there will be some mess on the floor so that’s something to keep in mind. And you’ll need to keep an eye on his backside as he scoots around on it and it can get irritated.


If you're interested in Copper please fill out an adoption application at
. Thanks!

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