Neutered Male
7 Years 3 Months
Paralyzed Rear Legs and Incontinent

Stanley is Sponsored by: Michael Snider

SNAP Cats rescued Stanley from Hanford, CA. Stanley is a real sweetheart! He gets along great with the other kitties here, and could probably tolerate a cat-friendly dog. We’re not sure if Stanley will use the litter box all of the time, but he makes an effort to go there… sometimes. Since he’s been here he’s gained more control of his functions. Still, he's a messy, bath-a-day kitty!

One thought on “Stanley

  1. Hi
    We have a disabled cat with rear leg syndrome… she is incontinent, and cannot produce a bowel movement on her own, nor do both back legs work . We have adjusted our lives to fit her needs because she honestly is the best and she deserves a life. Happy to bring on another to make her feel *normal*. We take her on all vacations and she loves car rides ❤️❤️ I know it is very hard to find a good home for these animals and this isn’t necessarily the life that I wanted to live, but if I can give them a life, then we are complete❤️❤️❤️

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