Neutered Male
7 Years 10 Months
Manx Syndrome

Tyson is Sponsored by: Tawny Brunetta

SNAP Cats rescued Tyson from Cherryvale, KS. Tyson had been living with Vet, Dr. Rhonda, since he was 4 weeks old. Tyson has Manx Syndrome, and they weren’t sure if he’d even walk when they first got him. Tyson is now very mobile, but needs daily care to make sure that he stays regular. He has a history of severe constipation, which can lead to him needing to be sedated and cleaned out manually. Since arriving we’ve figured out a routine to keep tyson “regular” so we think that his only issue now will be incontinence. If you’d like to meet Tyson please let us know. He’s here at our Santa Rosa facility just waiting to meet you!

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