Spayed Female
5 Years 9 Months
Paralyzed Rear Legs

Anna is sponsored by: Tawny Brunetta

SNAP Cats rescued Anna from Kuwait. Anna wants attention, just doesn’t know how to accept it fully yet. She was rescued from a group of kids who thought it’d be fun to run over her with the bikes. NICE! Despite being paralyzed in her rear legs, Anna uses the litter box 100% of the time, and is very clean. She’s also very vocal. If you watch our live kitten room webcam ( you can hear her meowing for attention. Anna’s okay with other kitties, but would be better as an only cat or with maybe one other kitty. Please stop by to meet Anna and our other special kitties!

One thought on “Anna

  1. Anna is such a sweet girl. I love spending time with her giving her chin & back scratches. I think she recognizes me now & always responds with loads of love. She’s a wonderful cat.

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