Spayed Female
1 Year 7 Months
Twisted Front Leg & Cleft Lip

Tilly is Sponsored by: Melissa Manning

SNAP Cats rescued Tilly from Visalia, CA. Tilly’s a petite kitty who’s craving for wet food is anything but. You want to get on her good side? Wet food. You want Tilly to follow you? Wet food. You want her to do… anything? Wet food. Tilly is a bit shy with strangers at first. But follow the aforementioned advice and she’ll instantly be your best friend. Tilly’s cleft lip doesn’t cause any problems currently, and shouldn’t cause any problems in the future. Her twisted left front leg (at the ankle) is the result of a break that didn’t heal right. Tilly’s not in any pain, and gets around just fine. If you’re interested in Tilly please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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