Neutered Male
14 Years 7 Months

Matty is sponsored by: Alice Weigel

SNAP Cats rescued Matty from Berkeley, CA: Matty’s ataxia, which we’re guessing is from head trauma, causes him to circle to the left and walk with a shortened gait. It’s actually very cute. Other than that, Matty’s in good health for his age. He was found in Berkeley as a stray and severely matted (thus his name), so they had to shave him to make him comfortable. His fur is growing back and he’s becoming a big, fluffy boy (again). Matty likes to follow you around for attention, often walking at your feet because, well, he just wants to be close to you (just remember to always look down!). Matty’s great with people. Not so much with other cats. He’ll need to be an only kitty, or in a house that has lots of room where he won’t run into other resident cat(s) too often. If you’re interested in Matty please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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