Spayed Female
14 Years 1 Month

Baby Cakes is sponsored by: Mark Sponseller

SNAP Cats rescued Baby Cakes from San Francisco, CA. Baby Cakes is a full-figured girl, weighing in at about 18 lbs. She’s very sweet, and loves to sit on your lap. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not that bad. Really. Baby Cakes has limited sight. Our eye specialist believes that she sees large objects and shadows/lights, so she’s not completely blind, but she’ll need an environment that’s easy to navigate and has limited stairs. As far as we know Baby Cakes uses the litter box 100% of the time (haven’t found anything that’s not from the usual suspects) and gets along well with the others here. If you’d like to meet Baby Cakes please fill out an adoption application at Thanks!

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