Safe Cat-Enticing Grasses

Here are a few types of grasses that are safe and delicious for cats.

1. Catnip: The ubiquitous catnip or Nepeta cataria is well-known for being safe and enjoyable for cats. However, it’s best not to give it to cats who have a history of seizures. Also, young kittens and some adult cats do not respond to catnip, so it may be hit or miss with your particular cat.

2. Catmint: A close relative to catnip, Nepeta x faassenii has wonderful lavender or white flowers that will delight both humans and cats. It grows as a bush about a foot high and two to three feet wide.

3. Cat thyme: This evergreen perennial, Teucrium marum, is pretty stinky to us, but cats love it. Your cats will enjoy frolicking around this bush. Grows to about one foot in diameter with pink flowers.

4. Wheat grass: These are sprouts from wheat, chock full of nutrition for cats. Many cats enjoy grazing on it.

5. Oat grass: Like wheat grass, this grass is nutritious and very appealing to cats. It is made from the sprouts of oats, a feline favorite.

6. Valerian: Valeriana officinalis is an herb that has an affect similar to catnip. It grows three to four feet in height.

7. Rye grass: Like oat grass and wheat grass, this grass type tends to win over most cats. It made from the sprouts of rye.

8. Creeping Rosemary: This is a popular and hardy rosemary that can withstand a cat pretty well. At maturity, it reaches up to three feet in height.

9. Lemon balm: Melissa officinalis is not only a cat favorite, but this herb also makes a wonderful tea and emits a lemon-like fragrance.

Experts advise cat owners to select garden plants — and dirt — carefully. Many garden centers carry cocoa bean mulch, which is toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. Our advice: Skip the mulch and use plain dirt to be on the safe side.

DJ on the roof

Okay. The roof story. D.J.’s always been an indoor/outdoor kitty. I’ve always lived on a lot of acreage and wanted my kitties to have the best of both worlds. When we moved here two years ago I, of course, made D.J. stay inside for three months before he was allowed outside. About two weeks after we settled in, there was a rattling noise outside my bedroom window (I’m a very light sleeper). My bedroom’s on the second floor, and there’s a roof outside the window that wraps around the rest of the building. So this rattling had to stop. I removed the screen, opened the window and climbed out to see what the problem was… never thinking D.J. would follow me, which, of course, he did. He hates being trapped inside and in the past has broken through a window screen to get outside. So now D.J.’s on the roof and I panic because he’s scooting along the edge looking like he wants to jump off to get “free.” Long story short, I finally get him (after 30 mins of chasing him around the roof). From that point on, D.J. has sat on that bedroom windowsill peering out and scratching at the window to get out. Even after he was allowed to go outside on his own, he still wanted to go out that window. So, now he got his wish.

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Sushi with dad

Checking the spread out. Where to start, where to start…

What say we start everything off with a little saké. Aw, just like dad!

Boy, he really likes that saké (just like dad).

Yumm, salmon. My fave.

Trying to get that stupid rice away from the fish. Let go already!

There we go. Nom nom nom nom nom nom.

What say we finish everything off with a little more saké. Just. Like. Dad. 🙂